Creating an interesting, attention grabbing corporate film is a craft

Moving images are a very effective form of communication. With over a billion connected devices, your message has a potential audience of millions. Reach out to that audience at any-time and anywhere with an effective, professionally produced film.

A good film informs, an excellent film motivates, a powerful film inspires… does yours?

Anyone can make a “video” these days. Producing a film to deliver an important message on the other hand takes skill, experience and talent. We use the same high standards and resources in our corporate and online films as for our broadcast television work.

Isn’t your organisation’s image worth doing it right? After all, it takes years of hard work developing a good brand. A bad video can damage it by the time it’s finished playing!

Video is an effective tool when created properly

We don’t do waffle, we don’t do naff, and we won’t use iPhones or stills cameras for moving images. But don’t hire us just for our camera kit, hire us for our experience, creativity, vision & professionalism before your rivals do.

Whether seen internally, or by the rest of the world, reach out to your people with conviction and clarity. We’ll help with scripting to presenting and final delivery in your chosen way. Whatever your product or service, together we can produce a film that reflects your values.

Stand out against a screen full of dull, uninteresting videos.

So get in in touch, let’s get creative; it would be great to work with you!

Crew on MB from NEXCAM B&W S

Lighting Cameraman TIM WARD has worked on many corporate films all over the world for production companies & agencies as well as for his own facility Channel 405.

Key values are: flexibility, reliabilitycreativityfriendliness, sense of humour (a must!) and willing to travel anywhere.